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Life of Male escort gigolo in India

Call boy life is very different from a normal job. It's completely different. It is completely different. Some people choose this profession out of passion, while others do it because they are able. This profession requires dedication and a rigid mind set than other jobs. Every day, you have to deal with a variety of individuals with diverse mental states.

Your job is to make sure they are happy by your dedication and services. The life of a professional call boy anywhere in India or the world is very different from that of a normal person. They live completely different lifestyles. He earns between 6k and 30k depending on who he is meeting. This is the most important thing to remember. Although a playboy job might seem exciting and captivating from the outside, it requires a lot of dedication and hard work to make one.

You are asking a great question, dear friend. The call boy job in India is very challenging and can help you earn more while also maintaining a comfortable lifestyle. This job allows you to travel to high-demand places free of charge with high-profile women. Call boys also have the opportunity to meet high-profile people and get paid for it. A call boys can make a lot of money in his life.

If you live to please others, your life is not worth living. You don't feel fulfilled if your life is controlled by others. The money-making part is not something that interests me. These things can be very lucrative. You can get instant satisfaction from SEX, but you need to seek out better things in your life.

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They are indeed doing this. It's more common these days. Many people hire men to fill their fantasies and needs, including teens, divorced couples and married couples. Since last two years, I have been doing this for all kinds of clients, including clg girls and married women as well as three divorced women. It's more difficult now than ever.

Call boys are definitely in high demand, especially in India. This should provide a lot of easy and quick money along with some entertainment. There are many desperate housewives in India. These women are often desperate for the following reasons:

  1. They don't work

  2. Have enough husband's wealth to be proud of and misappropriate

  3. They don't understand the value or how money is earned. They know only how to spend.

  4. They might be having sex with their husbands, but they just don't want to go shopping or go to kitty parties.

  5. Husbands are a money-making machine, and they will go to any length to make some fun in their lives.

  6. This happens generally 40+ when your children are in middle/high schools and don't require much of your time.

These types of women are very common in India. They are reluctant to admit that they want play boys for more excitement in their lives. It's possible they don't know where to find trustworthy and reliable call boys. Many women will search for male callers with hidden identities as they want their calls to be as discrete as possible. Ladies just need distraction/excitement from day to day boring life of theirs. Women who aren't able to reach out to boys often end up in extra marital relationships and ruining their lives and the lives of their ex-partners.

I think that having fun with a call boy at the end is better than any commitment. There is no obligation and your life will not be destroyed.

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