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Indian women may hire a male prostitute

My journey as a gigolo began in a Mumbai Male escort club. I went to the club to meet a girl, but she refused to come. I decided to socialize. I tried my luck at the dance floor, then went to the table. But no luck. Finally, I went to the bar and found that there were people talking to each other randomly. I sat next to a man in his thirties. He was not interested in speaking so I requested a pint.

I was 4 rows away from a group that included some women. I got up all the courage and started to talk to them. They responded enthusiastically to my greetings and had a lot of laughs. I asked their names and the conversation continued from name to home, job to private life to a question about virginity. They said they wouldn't believe it, but I said it was true and laughed about it. After talking for 40 minutes, they told me they had to go. They said it was nive talking with you. Then, one of them suddenly asked me if I could give her a hug.

Do Indian women hire a male prostitute

She said that it was okay and the rest is history. We did so much and it felt amazing to be open. As i was about leaving, she gave me money and told me that this was your first salary. She said that it was her pleasure to have my virginity. She called me after a few weeks and recommended me to her friends. Now i have a network and good income source.

They do, from college-going girls to married women. Many couples now hire gigs to spice their sex lives. They will hire men if they realize that the quality of men they pay is much higher. A woman can also ask a man to fulfill her fantasies if she is hiring him

My husband and I were visiting Mumbai ten years ago. He hired a man to massage me in our hotel room. It turned out to be something more. As the handsome, young and muscular man gave me a wonderful, relaxing massage, my husband was there. When he began to rub between my legs, I was aware of what was going to happen. He also gave me an orgasm (I can orgasm quickly when I am stimulated with my fingers). He then turned me on my back, and continued to rub my breasts. I felt relaxed and happy by this point. I don't know whether he wanted to enter me or give me pleasure with his fingers. I just told him that I needed him within me.

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He looked at my husband, smiled and then undressed. He was wearing shorts and an t-shirt, but he had on condoms. It was amazing and I felt nothing except pleasure for the five minutes that he was moving between mine legs (his cock wasn't too thick, which is how I like it). Just before he did, I orgasmed. I regret that he didn't release his semen within me. That gives me more thrill than an orgasm. He left when he was done. After he was done, my husband came to my bed and mounted me. He then filled me with his semen before we both fell asleep.

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