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How to Apply For Male escorts?

Apply Male escorts, call boys, Playboy in Ahmedabad Kolkata Pune Jaipur Chennai Ranchi Surat Mumbai Delhi Noida Gurgaon - Join Gigolo agency in India

It is not as easy as it sounds to be a male escort in India. You will have to deal with the problems of women as sex partner. I thought it was a huge mistake to start as a male escort. It was a mistake that I made when i discovered the truth about male escort. Male escort does not just involve having physical relationships, it also involves making mental connections. Some of my clients used drink and chat with me all night. These women are my favorite because they inspire me to talk with them every night. We talk, drink, and discuss. Sometimes it leads to deep conversation all time!!

While not all women desire this, most women would prefer a real relationship without strings attached. Some clients call me directly & request a sex, vacation trip and weekend parties.

Learn the minds of women to become a male escort

In India, nothing is free. You must put in the time and effort. It is important to know what you are looking for. This is not your typical job from 10am to 6 pm. You can't just search the internet for jobs in different companies. This is a profession that must be performed professionally and in accordance with certain standards. You must create your own world and join as male escort in top gigolo agency.

My journey as a gigolo began in a club in Delhi Ncr. I went to the club to meet a date, but she refused to come. So I decided to socialize. I first tried the dance floor, but it was unsuccessful. Then I tried the tables again. Finally, I went to the bar and found that there were a few people talking to each other randomly. I sat next to a man in his thirties. He was not interested in speaking so I requested a pint. I noticed a group of women sitting four seats behind me. I got up all the courage to go on and talk to them. They responded enthusiastically to my greetings and had a lot of laughs. I asked their names and the conversation continued from their name to their home, job, private lives and finally to a question about virginity. They said they wouldn't believe it, but I said it was true and they laughed. After talking for 40 minutes, they told me they had to go. They said they had to go.

She said that it was okay and that the rest of history is ours. We did so much and it felt amazing to be open. As i was about leaving, she gave me money and told me that this was your first salary. She said that it was her pleasure to have my virginity. She called me after a few weeks and recommended me to her friends. Now i have a network and good income source

Apply Male escorts in India

There are millions of ways to find out a gigolo male escorts agency. You can simply search on google. Shortlist 5-10 Play boy job vacancy center & contact them.

  1. Submit your Biodata

  2. 2. Upload your latest photographs

  3. Send your personal details, mail id, WhatsApp number & other details

  4. Submit Joining Charge

  5. Start dating with hi-profile women, house wife, models & aunties

Gigolofun is a one the leading Playboy callboy & male escorts agency in India. It have more that 10000+ female clients all over India. If you want to apply male escorts in India, then gigolofun. After that submit you biodata & join.

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