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How any one can become a male escort

Updated: May 11

Become a male escort is difficult & huge task in world. Gigolo or male escort is professional dancing partner. A man who offers sexual activities to women with exchange of gifts is known as male escort or gigolo. Usually, you will find them on roads, shopping malls & popular night clubs

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Become a male escort

How i can become a male escort gigolo ?

It all depends on what you are interested in. Do you want to work on high fashion, runway or other fashion events as male escort? An gigolo agency is necessary. They can recommend castings and open call. These escort agencies can also help you create a portfolio. It can be difficult to do commercial work. Perhaps you could be a freelance model and make yourself known online. You could also work with local photographers that don't charge a fee, but it's a mutual exchange. They take photos and you model for them.

You should promote yourself to your female friends in order to become a male model. I found my clients first through them. You don't want to make your clients feel uncomfortable or creepy. Many people may think Chennai is a place that people are not allowed to talk about such things. It has also evolved to accept "male models", as you put it. BUT, YOU MUST BE FIT and have a lot of masculine energy. It is difficult to get the first client. After that, it becomes much easier. Online advertising can be used to get clients, but it is not a good option for everyone. There is too much competition online. Otherwise, There lot of Adult List Directory in Chennai where you will easily join male escort agencies online

You have to decide to become a male model. Although there are many attractive people out there who could model, only a few people have that potential. 2. Live in a city that has a strong modeling scene.

As it stands, modeling is highly competitive. A model agency would need to have every person in their sights. Then, getting an agent or booking a major campaign in print might be as easy as winning the lottery.

If you are interested in becoming a model, you will need to move to a large city such as Bangalore, Delhi or India. It all depends on what type of modeling you are suited for! Fashion and print modeling are very different. The looks they want to achieve differ greatly. Print is more for the everyday person who is not photogenic. This is a job that most good-looking people can do well. Fashion requires you to have a unique facial structure and be tall and skinny. Join as call boys in Chennai & earn much in a month.

Male modeling has been my passion for 5 years. Attending castings is the worst thing. It takes an hour to drive, then you wait in line for a few people who are all trying to get the same job. The casting takes about a minute and you drive back an hour. You have a 1 percent chance of getting the job.

Modeling is a great way to collaborate with large companies on exciting campaigns. It is the greatest feeling in the world to get a call from an agent telling you that you have been booked for a job !!!! It's worth the effort to be on set with amazing people, huge cameras, and delicious food. You will be found on many websites, banners and stores.

Here's your to-do list:

  1. Live in a big city

  2. Contact an male escort agency to represent

  3. Create a portfolio of modelling shots

  4. Participate in castings, network and keep up-to date with social media

  5. Become a male model

If you have any questions, please let me know. It's a great experience, and I've met some amazing people in the gigolo industry.

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